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SEE below as to How this. See below full page more info… and full history. Above Popular divided fluid and nitrogen mm to mm common eye-to-eye with either black or yellow springs see full page below details…. Note the bolts all corners will normally have 10mm sleeves and some flat washers, if your bolts are 8mm shoulders or other size you would change the sleeves.

Ohlins over 40 years ago now was the very first company to design the DIVIDED twin shock with separate fluid from the nitrogen via an internal floating piston for almost fade free performance, instead of the emulsion mixed foamy designs of the past and the legendary championship winning performance was born.

Fortunately i was able to earn eleven consecutive AMA National numbers as well as many regional and local series championships during a fourteen year Professional racing carrier, but still riding three days a week for more than thirty years now mainly for fitness, fun and exercise, but an occasional event.

vintage mx exhaust

I also have built shocks five days a week since the early eighties threw today, for many of the best, along with following the professional racing circuit and traveling nine months of the years for a couple decades back then. Changing my line? He was probably seconds ahead of me? I was getting frustrated because in some sections I was faster, in others, he was faster.

I could see that he was faster than me going through Gravity Cavity, so I slowed up enough to watch him. I saw that he was using the far left side? So on the next lap, I moved over to the far left side.

The only problem was, there was a hole at the top of Gravity Cavity on the left side that Tripes was pre-jumping? I whacked that hole with my rear wheel and started to endo over the front.

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Actually, I was going to jump off the bike because it was going to throw my ass off anyway. I had at least 6 seconds in the air for it to come back? I can save this if I just hang the heck on!

I had changed my mind. Many suspension designs would never have been invented if not for the Motocross demands and suspension technology changes around the world. Above shown Ohlins Twin shock bottom bracket example with sherical ball, press in bushings that makes 8mmx 24mm finished for 8mm mounting boltand seals per each side to help keep dirt out from the new sherical bearing.

Its no surprise that the founders of many better known brands including Ohlins got there start and continue the connection with motocross!Photography: Clay Light.

These new rods will be available toward the end of May. If anyone is interested in a set, please contact us for more technical information and pre-order dates. Some shots for your page. The stand has hit, Falta too :. Endless comments and I conveyed your website to many. These shots were taken before the pits opened, pretty much a mob scene all day. Broc Glover was loving it as well as, he was at the booth for while.

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Had to power wash the bikes the get the drool off once home. The cat is out of the bag! Arlan Lehman, owner of LED Performance Engines has been developing two stroke engine technology for over 30 years and is excited to bring his knowledge and craftsmanship into the CZ world. We believe that CZ engine development has stagnated and our goal is to mix it up a bit. The photos here are just a sample of what's to come for the CZ. Development is now underway, so keep checking back with us for updates on the projects and product release dates.

Give your bike the respect it deserves! Get your Woody MX stand today! And so it begins! This bike was the original bike ridden at the Pacific Northwest Challenge at Washougal by 15 year old Phil Oveland.

Vintage Motocross Exhaust Systems

The bike sports a CMS frame and long travel fork kit which were both state of the art for CZ's of that era. In fact he may have been the last one racing CZ's into I don't think the bike has been touched since then! All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any other form or by any means for commercial use without the prior written permission of DIY Vintage Moto, Futurekine Industries, LLC.

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Site powered by Weebly. Managed by SiteGround.Whether you race or restore we have a huge stock inventory of new, new old stock, and second hand parts to help you get your swedish gal back on the track or just looking good. We have sourced parts from all over the globe in a bid to supply you the very best, and with over 28 years experience with the marque we are more than happy to try and answer or help you with that trickey problem. Oval number plates top quality,dark yellow, black, white, green.

Husqvarna piston kit wossner. Featured Products. Buy Details.

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Some storage marks. Husqvarna engine case screw set Husqvarna reproduction engine case slot cheese head screw set, 9 crank case, 9 clutch case, and 5 flywheel case, to fit to round case 4 speed.

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OEM part numbers Husqvarna gear Husqvarna good used gearbox gear part number Part numbers and Husqvarna cylinder head Husqvarna used cylinder head, part number to fit to Champion spark plug Champion N4 G spark plug, correct for early Husqvarna.

Husqvarna clutch push rods and rollers Husqvarna used clutch push rod to fit all to Husqvarna fork yoke top nut Husqvarna used fork yoke top nut part number to fit to Library photo. Husqvarna exhaust Husqvarna used cc exhaust pipe in good condition, part number or Husqvarna auto clutch spring Husqvarna nos new old stock auto clutch spring part number Husqvarna nos gear Husqvarna nos new old stock gear part number Husqvarna cylinder stud Husqvarna cylinder stud part numberM10 x mm long.

Metzeler 4. Husqvarna nos airbox rubber Husqvarna nos new airbox to carb rubber part number Husqvarna cylinder stud Husqvarna cylinder stud part numberandto fit to Husqvarna gear shaft seal Husqvarna gear shaft seal fits all 5 and 6 speed on right hand side of engine below sprocket to Husqvarna nos gear Husqvarna nos new gear early 4 speed part number21 fine teeth.

Husqvarna nos kick gear Husqvarna nos new kickstart gear part number Husqvarna gear Husqvarna nos new gear part number Husqvarna rear splash guard Husqvarna reproduction aluminium rear splash guard to fit all to models, part number Also to bolt up frame modelsuse drop down to select.

Husqvarna gearbox bearing Husqvarna gearbox output shaft bearing part number and fits all 4 speed to Husqvarna oil mix tank decal Husqvarna reproduction petrol oil mix decal.

Husqvarna cylinder Husqvarna recondtioned cylinder with new liner size Library photo. Part number Husqvarna gear linkageHusqvarna used gear linkage, part numberandto Husqvarna motoplat backing plate Husqvarna used motoplat backing plate, part number Husqvarna piston kit Husqvarna new old stock mahle piston kit, part number Husqvarna gearbox shaft Husqvarna gearbox auxilary shaft part numberused condition.

Husqvarna clutch pressure plate Husqvarna new old stock clutch pressure plate, part number Husqvarna cylinder to Husqvarna reconditioned cylinder, with new liner, size Eric raced motocross since 4-strokes were popular the first time with his Ducati Scrambler.

Working as a mechanic and tuner sinceEric has accumulated porting specs from all sorts of sources like factory racing directives, practical experience, and the use of modeling software.

Eric is particularly skilled at Maicos and Yamahas, and works on all brands of Japanese and European motocross bikes. If you are a vintage freak and have historical specifications that you would like machined to a cylinder, Eric will cater to your needs. Cylinder head and cylinder bases can be turned and machined to produce a powerband that is better for beginners and trail-riders. The technical reasoning is that this modification serves to retard the port timing and increase the squish velocity produced in the cylinder head.

This service includes all machining modifications per situation and application. Services include gasket surfacing, turning, clearance-machining for big bores and or strokers, flat-top piston conversions as well as hemi and conical dome shaping, lowering compression for low octane pump gas with ethanol, raising compression for high altitude, TIG-welding, o-ring groove cutting, plug-hole turning and threading.

Powervalves are built into the cylinder around the exhaust port. Powervalves are complicated mechanisms prone to failure. We offer a service to clean, inspect, and adjust the powervalves. This service comes standard with all porting and big bore packages.

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Crankcases can be improved with porting and a set of new ceramic bearings and Teflon seals. Crankcases can be ported for smooth transitions to the transfer ports, clearance mods for big bores and stroker cranks, re-surfacing or even welding or epoxy repairs.

Send a set of bare cases or with your cylinder. Most modern dirt bikes use hard coatings applied directly to the aluminum cylinder bore.

vintage mx exhaust

Nickel-composite plating is the hardest low friction coating available. We can plate a cylinder back to original size or to a big bore size for no extra charge. This service is covered by a 1-Year warranty and includes cylinder head resurfacing, stud removal and thread repair, and powervalve service and assembly on applicable models. This service is especially great for vintage cylinders with cast iron sleeved bores and CRs. It is designed to preserve the bore at a particular size. Nickel-composite coating that is very hard and longwearing and comes with a 1-year warranty.

This service includes cleaning, boring, diamond-honing, port chamfering, exhaust bridge relieving and polishing. We can bead-blast any stripped down engine parts to a bare finish.Knowing the category of rider you are helps to choose the right modifications to best suit your riding and budget needs.

Here is that list :. This rider is less concerned with keeping up with the new bikes, and more concerned about not excessively abusing the perishable parts of his vintage machine.

He wants a octane machine with a wide powerband, easy starting, and excellent long term reliability. This rider would rather choose a more subdued pace rather than an intense pace that can be abusive to perishable parts of his machine.

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This category can generally be set up for octane fuel. He wants an aggressive powerband that delivers well at all RPMs. This rider needs to expect to do regular maintenance and inspection work on all aspects of the bike. This rider is okay with a high rpm oriented motor that requires plenty of shifting and clutching. Most important are, very clean and responsive carburetion that offers instant throttle response.

The building and tuning of vintage two strokes requires a whole different mindset and priority set than what has been used in the past … and here is why. Few racers worried about failing a mechanical part, because the supply of replacement parts was plentiful … and relatively inexpensive. However the pump gasolines available today are of much poorer quality … and the supply of affordable internal moving replacement parts are in much smaller quantity. The result is, the way enthusiasts ride their vintage two strokes is changed … and the way the engines are tuned also needs to be changed.

Neither of these two priorities existed for competitive MX riders of the 70ss, and so, no race shops of the day did development work towards those ends. About Perishability. At the DG race shop, it was common for all the riders to bring their engines in on Monday for routine replacement of any crank that had more than races on it, and any gears and shift forks that were delivering missed shifts.

At DG we had shelves packed with all new OEM cranks, transmission gears, shift forks, clutch plates, and single ring pistons needed to repair that weeks fleet of engines. All of that said, a very fast and reliable vintage two stroke can still be built today. However that build up has to be done with intelligent choices that allow the engine to be operated less abusively ie with a wider powerbandand the use of more affordable and more readily available internal moving parts.

A Different Approach. While air cooled vintage off-road 2-stroke engines are obviously different in many ways from more modern 2-stroke PWC engines … The technical rules that apply to reliability, wide power-band, and detonation resistanceare the same. With these tools, we developed the most popular line of reliable octane safe PWC racing engine packages.

We believe that the combined experience of having mastered both the 70s MX, and 90's, PWC genres, we have unmatched expertise that allows us to produce the most reliable and effective vintage off-road two-stroke engines.Orders Favourities List Track my order s. Track my order s.

vintage mx exhaust

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Classic Specials. Universal Silencers. Silencer Clamps. Silencer Baffles.Billy Can (8) FRUITFUL WARRIOR amongst the placegetters last start running third at Canberra and has two placings from six runs this prep, commands respect. AIM TO WIN draws to do no work and has two placings from three runs this prep, looks threatening.

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BILLY CAN has good early speed and could come on strong to threaten, each-way claims. Element of Luck (1) 2. True Lady's Man (5) 3. North of Hell (2) ELEMENT OF LUCK on a six day back-up and finished fourth last start at Sapphire Coast, major contender. TRUE LADY'S MAN should look to roll forward and may be caught late, include in exotics. NORTH OF HELL placed when fresh and finished seventh last start at Moruya, capable of getting into the money with a bit of luck.

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Mr Tickets (11) 2. Assertin Mischief (2) 5. Penultimate Star (6) Scratched 3. Lightning Lockie (5) MR TICKETS won two of seven as a favourite and capable of finising strongly, has solid claims. ASSERTIN MISCHIEF has two placings from five runs this prep and came on to finish midfield last start at Goulburn, could threaten. LIGHTNING LOCKIE ran 10 lengths back from the winner last start at Goulburn when first up but gets out to the right distance range and should race on the speed, place only.

I Am Twisted (6) Scratched 1. Royal Casino (7) Scratched 2. Seething Jackal (3) ScratchedI AM TWISTED should look to roll forward and a winner at first outing this prep, well placed. ROYAL CASINO finished in the middle of the pack last start at Gundagai on a soft track and regarded as a strong finisher, looks threatening.

SEETHING JACKAL resumes after a 21 week spell and placed in both lead-up trials, dangerous. Grand Theft Auto (11) 7.

Cappella Di Piazza (13) 8. Citizen's Arrest (1) 13. Cozursmart (9) GRAND THEFT AUTO back from 30 week spell and placed in both lead-up trials, well placed. CAPPELLA DI PIAZZA came on to finish midfield at only start at Canberra on a soft track, in with a chance. CITIZEN'S ARREST has two placings from five runs this prep and draws to do no work, don't treat lightly.

Royal Casino (7) 1. Lady Moochi (6) 6. Back to My Bay (1) Scratched 3. Where's Snippy (5) ROYAL CASINO placed when fresh and likely to race on the speed, hard to go past. LADY MOOCHI amongst the placegetters last start running third at Hawkesbury when resuming and gets a nice run behind a genuine tempo, each-way claims. WHERE'S SNIPPY resumes after a spell of 23 weeks and relishes the heavy, winning one in these conditions before, could threaten.